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What is Clevises with Rotating Shaft?

Clevises with rotating shafts, also known as clevis pins with bearings or clevis pin shackles, are mechanical components used for connecting and pivoting linkages in various applications. They consist of a clevis pin (a cylindrical pin with a hole through it) and a rotating shaft (commonly a bearing or bushing) that allows the clevis pin to rotate freely. Here are some key features and benefits of clevises with rotating shafts:

  1. Versatile Connection: Clevises with rotating shafts provide a versatile connection point for joining two components or linkages with rotational movement. The clevis pin allows for easy attachment and detachment, while the rotating shaft enables smooth rotation and pivoting motion.

  2. Pivoting Capability: The rotating shaft within the clevis pin allows for a range of motion, typically 180 degrees or more, depending on the design. This enables the connected components to pivot and move in different directions, accommodating various mechanical movements or adjustments.

  3. Reduced Friction and Wear: The presence of a rotating shaft, such as a bearing or bushing, between the clevis pin and the attachment point reduces friction and wear. This ensures smooth rotation and minimizes the risk of binding or seizing, extending the overall lifespan of the assembly.

  4. Load Distribution: Clevises with rotating shafts help distribute loads evenly across the connection point. The rotating shaft absorbs and distributes the forces and torque applied during movement, reducing stress concentration on the clevis pin and the connected components.

  5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The design of clevises with rotating shafts allows for simple installation and maintenance. The clevis pin can be easily inserted or removed, facilitating quick assembly or disassembly of linkages or mechanical systems for inspection, repairs, or adjustments.

  6. Application Versatility: Clevises with rotating shafts find applications in various industries and systems, including automotive, aerospace, machinery, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, and more. They are commonly used in control linkages, suspension systems, steering mechanisms, and other applications where rotational movement and connection flexibility are required.

  7. Material and Size Options: Clevises with rotating shafts are available in different materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, offering options to suit specific application requirements. They are also available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different load capacities and installation needs.

Clevises with rotating shafts provide a reliable and flexible connection solution for linkages requiring rotational movement. Their ability to pivot, reduce friction, and distribute loads make them essential components in many mechanical systems and applications.