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Maintenance Free Rod Ends Material

Maintenance-free Rod Ends, which are also known as T/K Maintenance-free Rod Ends are used for many applications. The most common use of these is for electrical connection. This can be found in variety of forms such as round, flanged and square railed. These can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor application and there is no need to change the current connection because it can be easily cut and formed into desired shape. There are different types of maintenance-free rod ends available in market.
Type I. Material- Steel Rod Ends: These are made from high quality stainless steel. These are very light-weight and therefore can be easily molded and formed into desired shape and size. The main advantage of this type of maintenance free end is that they do not require any welding and installation process. You can simply feed the wire through it and install it in desired location. The only disadvantage of this type is that it can rust when it comes in contact with water or moisture.
Type II. Electroplated Stainless Steel Rod Ends: These are the most popular variety of maintenance free ends used by a majority of manufacturers in the market. The product is basically stainless steel but it has electroplating on certain areas of the product to avoid rusting. These products are generally galvanized and the entire surface is powder coated. These products are ideal for electrical connection in all kinds of installations.
Type III. Galvanized Plastic Rod Ends: This type of product is very similar to the electroplated product but with the only difference being the plastic used for the attachment. These are very durable and long-lasting as compared to the electroplated ones. These are commonly used in applications where there is a need for high durability and for the same purpose electrical connections are required. These are also very affordable and highly available.
Type IV. Galvanized Copper End Section: This is another type of maintenance free electrical end that uses copper to protect the metal. You can use these if you are looking for protection against corrosive liquid and corrosive resistant materials. You will find both hot and cold soldered joints in this section that ensures maximum protection from extreme weather conditions.
Type V. Galvanized Copper Plated Rod Ends: This is another type of maintenance free end section that is mostly used in electrical connection. The product is available in both hot and cold soldered joints and it is preferred that the hot-soldered joint is used because it ensures the greatest protection against extreme weather conditions. It also has a high tolerance against alkalis, acids and base metals and it does not rust at all. The product is very expensive and it is only for those businesses that have large projects to maintain on a regular basis.
Type VI. Plastic End Section: If you want an affordable yet good quality, maintenance-free electrical connection then the product that you should buy is this plastic end section. It can also withstand alkalis, acids and base metals and hence it is also preferred by many industrial and commercial establishments. This is also widely used in plumbing applications.
Type VII. Galvanized Steel Rod Ends: The material that is used to make this is highly resistant to corrosion and it has a good tensile strength. However, this is expensive than the other products and you need to check the product carefully before buying it. The maintenance-free rod ends that use this product are available in both cold and hot soldered joints and they ensure the best resistance to alkalis, acids and other metals.